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Institute for Global Tobacco Control


The institute publishes a range of tobacco control policy resources including compliance guides, state of evidence reviews, and fact sheets based on IGTC work published in peer-reviewed academic journals. IGTC has also been involved in the development of key resources for tobacco control policy development and implementation. Among these are:


Journal Articles

Explore key research from how sports imagery is used for marketing on cigarette packs to intentions to smoke among Brazilian children.

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Guides & Reports

IGTC has a repository of information resources ranging from a global scan of e-cigarette policy to "How-to" guides for conducting compliance studies.

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Posters & Presentations

We share our research at key international convenings, and have archived these visual tools to increase their access to the tobacco control community globally.

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Online Resources

Take advantage of free online trainings, and scan over 6,200 cigarette packs from around the globe archived on our TPackSS site, with just a few clicks.

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