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Institute for Global Tobacco Control


IGTC Comments on FDA Docket on the Role of Flavors in Tobacco
June 19, 2018

Criteria Not Met for Tobacco Industry-Supported Foundation: The Letter to the Lancet
December 20, 2017

Selected Press

Forget New Year's health goals, try 'Monday Resolutions' instead (CNN)
December 26, 2018

Putting the Brake on E-Cigarettes (US News)
September 17, 2018

Five-day India Tobacco Control Leadership Programme kicks off tomorrow in Goa (India Today)
August 5, 2018

How This Anti-Smoking Campaign is Going After Ad Agencies (Forbes)
June 4, 2018

E-cigarettes, Juuls and Heat-Not-Burn Devices: The Science and Regulation of Vaping (Hopkins Bloomberg Public Health Magazine)
June 2018

Blowing Smoke in Santiago, Chile – The Myth of Growing Illicit Trade (Tobacco Atlas)
May 9, 2018

Smoke Screen: Vaping Isn't As Safe For Teens As They Believe (Baltimore's Child)
March 19, 2018

Big Tobacco’s Offer: $1 Billion for Research. Should Scientists Take It? (Science Magazine)
February 8, 2018

Policy Into Practice at the Institute for Global Tobacco Control (JHSPH News)
January 5, 2018

Menthol Cigarette Bans: Tobacco Giants Respond with Different Green Labels and Soft Words in Canada (BMJ Podcasts)
July 2016