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Center for Health Services and Outcomes Research

Patient Safety

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The Center for Health Services and Outcomes Research is delighted to share its experience in Patient Safety research. Below are the featured examples of projects currently conducted by our faculty or successfully finalized and published:

Safety Program in Perinatal Care-II Phase 2

The program focuses on revising phase 1 tools, their field testing and finalizing, and implementation and evaluation of the integrated program.

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RISE – Resilience in Stressful Events

A peer-support program to provide psychological first aid and emotional support to health care workers who are “second victims” of stressful patient-related events is being evaluated.

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PREVENTion of Clot in Orthopaedic Trauma

Investigates the effectiveness of LMWH and Aspirin in preventing death and clinically important pulmonary blood clots as well compares patient satisfaction and out-of-pocket costs.

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Preventing Fall Related Injuries in Older Adults (STRIDE Study)

A multi-site clinical trial to test individually-tailored interventions to prevent fall-related injuries and to find effective, evidence-based strategies to address the personal and public health burden of these falls.

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What is Patient Safety in the Medical Home?

A mixed-methods study evaluating how patient-centered medical homes (PCMH) are addressing ambulatory safety across four key domains through data from multiple perspectives, including patient input.

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Linking Blood Stream Infections to Intensive Care Nursing Context of Care and Process

A multifaceted intervention in two intensive care units demonstrated a causal relationship to reduced central line-associated bloodstream infections.

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