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Global Mental Health

Resource Materials

This section provides access to materials useful for researchers and programmers.

We have assessment tools that have been developed or adapted, tested, and used by our team in multiple global settings that are freely available to use by program providers and researchers.  We will keep this site updated with new materials that we develop and we would appreciate being informed if you intend to use these tools so that we can provide up to date advice on their best use and analysis.

The International Depression Symptoms Screener (IDSS) was developed by our team to provide a cross-culturally appropriate depression screening tool for use globally. The Dissemination and Implementation Science measure was similarly developed by our team and has been tested and revised in multiple sites to provide cross-culturally relevant assessment of important aspects of program feasibility, scale-up, and sustainability. The Assessment Tools for Programs and Research contains a list of standard mental health screeners, psychosocial measures, and locally-specific measures of daily functioning we have adapted or developed, translated and tested for use with specific populations. These assessment tools are suitable for organizations and researchers working with the same populations in the languages we have available.

The Design, Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation (DIME) section presents individual modules of a complete manual developed based on several years of funding from the USAID Victims of Torture Fund that describes methods for collecting and using data to inform critical program elements. Individual modules have been developed to provide instruction on conducting needs assessments, adaptation and testing of locally valid instruments, mental health program adaptation and implementation, and mental health program monitoring and evaluation. The DIME is designed to be useful for program implementers and researchers to generate rigorous data in a resource-efficient process.

The Global Resources section provides links to other websites that contain material useful to those working in the field of Global Mental Health.

All the materials are free for use by programmers and researchers and available upon request


Design, Implementation, Monitoring & Evaluation (DIME)

This model is a series of activities that combines evidence-based programming with rigorous monitoring and impact evaluation. The purpose is to provide a rational basis and approach for local programming while also generating information and lessons learned that can inform future services.

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International Depression Symptoms Screener (IDSS)

This is a self-report instrument used for measuring the burden and severity of depression around the world. IDSS was based on a systematic review of global qualitative research to identify common signs and symptoms of depression across regions, sex and context. 

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Dissemination & Implementation Science Measures

Evaluation of implementation constructs is a critical component of understanding how to implement, scale up and sustain evidence based mental health treatments in low and middle income (LMIC) settings. 

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Assessment Tools for Programs & Research

These tools have been translated and adapted by the global mental health research team for assessing common mental health problems in several countries and languages around the world. All measures are available by request.

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