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Global Mental Health

By Study Type/Method

Global mental research uses a wide-range of research methods and most projects use multiple methods over time to achieve the study goals.  Our faculty have breadth and depth of experience implementing research using qualitative and quantitative methods and are at the forefront of developing innovative approaches to address global mental health research and practice priorities.

Qualitative Studies

Individual and group-based methods to gain in-depth local understanding of mental health problems and barriers to careLearn more.

Psychometric Evaluations 

Formal quantitative evaluations of particular mental and behavioral health assessmentsLearn more.


Controlled evaluations of evidence-based psychotherapies and other psychosocial and behavioral programsLearn more.

Epidemiology and Moderators/Mediators

Data analyses to understand the association between vulnerabilities and mental health problems as well as to identify factors related to intervention impactLearn more.

Dissemination and Implementation Research

Methods and research for understanding how to move from research to practice with evidence-based mental health programsLearn more.

Mixed Methods

Combined qualitative and quantitative methods to adapt and test the utility of assessments and intervention programs. Learn more.

Systematic Review

Rigorous reviews of global research and practice of mental health problems, interventions and programs, and vulnerabilities. Learn more.