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Global Mental Health

Intervention and Services Development

Developing and adapting interventions and intervention delivery systems to address mental health and psychosocial problems.

A novel guided self-help program to reduce psychological distress among South Sudanese refugee women in northern Uganda (2016-2018)

A transdiagnostic treatment approach in reducing violence and alcohol abuse among families in Zambia (2016-2018)

J. C. Kane, S. Skavenski Van Wyk, S. M. Murray, P. Bolton, F. Melendez, C. K. Danielson, P. Chimponda, S. Munthali, L. K. Murray (2017) Testing the effectiveness of a transdiagnostic treatment approach in reducing violence and alcohol abuse among families in Zambia: study protocol of the Violence and Alcohol Treatment (VATU) trial Journal: Global Mental Health / Volume 4 /

Development and evaluation of a stepped care model for maternal mental health in post-conflict settings (2015-Current)

Developing an integrated intervention to reduce psychological distress and intimate partner violence among Congolese women in Nyarugusu refugee camp (2015-2017)

Tol, W. A., Greene, M. C., Likindikoki, S., Misinzo, L., Ventevogel, P., Bonz, A. G., Bass, J. K. & Mbwambo, J. K. K. (2017) An integrated intervention to reduce intimate partner violence and psychological distress with refugees in low-resource settings: Study protocol for the Nguvu cluster randomized trial BMC Psychiatry. 17, 1, 186.

Adaptation of Behavioral Activation - Psychotherapy Intervention for Trauma-affected Adults in Northern Iraq (2009-2011)

Magidson JF, Lejuez CW, Kamal T, Blevins EJ, Murray LK, Bass JK, Bolton P, Pagoto S. Adaptation of community health worker-delivered behavioral activation for torture survivors in Kurdistan, Iraq. Global Mental Health, 2015, 2, e24. 1-10. doi:10.1017/gmh.2015.22.

Adaptation of Cognitive Processing Therapy - a Psychotherapy Intervention for Trauma-affected Adults in Northern Iraq (2009-2011)

Kaysen, D., Lindgren, K., Sabir Zangana, G.A., Murray, L., Bass, J., & Bolton, P. ‘Adaptation of cognitive processing therapy for treatment of torture victims: Experience in Kurdistan, Iraq.’  Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice and Policy 2013. 5(2): 184-192.

Integrating TF-CBT into existing HIV service infrastructures to serve orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) in Zambia: Feasibility Study (2009)

Murray LK, Skavenski S, Bolton P, Bass J.  Jere, E. Catholic Relief Services, SUCCESS  Return  to  Life,  Zambia   TF-CBT  Pilot  Project  Report.  December, 2009.

Adaptation of intervention and services development for the mental health needs of trafficked and/or exploited girls who had been rescued and were living in transition shelters in and around Phnom Penh, Cambodia (2007)

Bass, J., Bearup, L., Bolton, P., Murray, L., & Skavenski, S. (2011). Implementing Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) among Formerly Trafficked-Sexually Exploited and Sexually Abused Girls in Cambodia: A Feasibility Study. Phnom Penh, Cambodia: World Vision.

Adaptation of a trauma-focused intervention for children in Zambia (2006)

Murray LK, Dorsey S, Skavenski S, Kasoma M, Imasiku M, Bolton P, Bass J, Cohen JA. (2013) Identification, modification, and implementation of an evidence-based psychotherapy for children in a low-income country: the use of TF-CBT in Zambia. Int J Ment Health Syst. Oct 23;7(1):24. doi: 10.1186/1752-4458-7-24.

Adaptation and training methods of a group interpersonal therapy intervention for adolescents in Northern Uganda (2005-2007)

Verdeli, H., Clougherty, K., Onyango, G., Lewandowski, E., Speelman, L., Betancourt, T. S., ... Bolton, P. (2008). Group Interpersonal Psychotherapy for Depressed Youth in IDP Camps in Northern Uganda: Adaptation and Training. Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Clinics of North America, 17(3), 605-624. DOI: 10.1016/j.chc.2008.03.002.

Adaptation of a group interpersonal therapy in rural Uganda (2001)

Verdeli H, Clougherty K, Bolton P, Speelman L, Lincoln N, Bass J, Neugebauer R, Weissman MM. (2003) Adapting group interpersonal psychotherapy for a developing country: experience in rural Uganda. World Psychiatry. Jun;2(2):114-20.