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Global Mental Health

By Purpose

All of our projects are guided by a particular objective, with the methods and populations selected to achieve the defined purpose. Our projects are done in collaboration with in-country and local service providers and researchers who often want to learn from the research, and also learn how to conduct the research itself.  To facilitate this learning, we developed a Design, Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation (DIME) approach that has guided many of our projects. Each activity with the DIME approach is defined by a particular purpose:

Needs Assessments

Identifying and describing priority mental health and psychosocial problems. Learn more.

Instrument Development and Testing

Developing, adapting and testing instruments to assess mental health, psychosocial, and related problems. Learn more.

Intervention and Services Development 

Developing and adapting interventions and intervention delivery systems to address mental health and psychosocial problems. Learn more.

Monitoring and Evaluation 

Establishing methods to monitor the implementation of mental health and psychosocial programming and implementing formal evaluations to assess their impact. Learn more.

Scale Up 

Using a systems level approach to learn how to expand the availability of interventions and programs that have been shown to improve mental health and psychosocial problems. Learn more.

Capacity Building

Using collaborative approaches to build capacity in mental health intervention implementation and research. Learn more.

Literature Review 

Learning from global research and practice. Learn more.