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Global Mental Health

HIV-Affected Populations

Testing the Impact of a Caregiver Training Intervention for enhancing neurological and cognitive development among HIV-infected and HIV-affected children in Uganda (2012-2016)

Boivin MJ, Nakasujja N, Familiar I, Murray SM, Sikorskii A, Awadu J, Shohet C, Givn Dr, Ruisenor-Esudero H, Schut EE, Opoka RO, Bass JK (2017). Effect of caregiver training on neurodevelopment of HIV-exposed uninfected children and caregiver mental health: a Ugandan cluster randomized controlled trial. Journal of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics.
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Understanding the relationship between caregiver mental health and child physical development among HIV-affected families in Uganda (2012-2016)

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Validation and process evaluations of mental health, substance and alcohol use assessments and HIV risk behaviors among among orphans and vulnerable children in Zambia using Audio Computer Assisted Self-Interviewing (ACASI) (2012)

Kane, J. C., Murray, L. K., Bass, J. K., Johnson, R. M., & Bolton, P. (2016). Validation of a substance and alcohol use assessment instrument among orphans and vulnerable children in Zambia using Audio Computer Assisted Self-Interviewing (ACASI). Drug and alcohol dependence166, 85-92.
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Integrating TF-CBT into existing HIV service infrastructures to serve orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) in Zambia: Feasibility Study (2009)

Murray LK, Skavenski S, Bolton P, Bass J.  Jere, E. Catholic Relief Services, SUCCESS  Return  to  Life,  Zambia   TF-CBT  Pilot  Project  Report.  December, 2009.

Qualitative investigation of the experiences and needs of pregnant women and new mothers living with HIV in Porto Alegre, Brazil (2008-2011)

Bisol C, Vazzano A, Bass J. (2012) Vivencias de Gestantes E Maes (translation: Experiences of Pregnant Women and Mothers).  A book about coping and living with HIV for pregnant women and new mothers in Brazil (in Portuguese).

Barriers to HIV treatment acceptance and adherence among Zambian Women (2007)

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A qualitative study examining the problems of HIV infected mothers and their children in Lusaka, Zambia (2005)

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Evaluation of a group interpersonal therapy program to treat depression among HIV-affected adults in Rural Uganda (2001-2003)

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Qualitative assessment of the mental health effects of the HIV epidemic in Uganda (2000)