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Global Mental Health

Conflict Affected Populations

Dissemination of Cognitive Processing Therapy for Survivors of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence in North and South Kivu, DRC as part of the USHINDI and TUSHINDI projects (2016-2023)

Development and evaluation of a stepped care model for maternal mental health in post-conflict settings (2015-Current)

Randomized controlled trial of two psychological treatments for depression, anxiety and trauma symptoms of torture survivors in Iraq (2010-2014)

Trial of a trauma-informed support, skills and psychoeducation program for torture and trauma survivors in Kurdistan, Northern Iraq (2009-2011)

Bass J, Murray S, Mohammed T, Bunn M, Gorman W, Ammin A, Murray L, Bolton P. ‘A randomized controlled trial of a trauma informed support, skills and psychoeducation intervention for survivors of torture and related trauma in Kurdistan, Northern Iraq.’ Global Health: Science and Practice. September 28, 2016 vol. 4 no. 3 p. 452-466. doi: 10.9745/GHSP-D-16-00017.

Randomized controlled trial of two different psychological treatments for depression, anxiety and trauma symptoms of torture survivors in Kurdistan, Northern Iraq (2009-2011)

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Intervention trials to improve mental health, social and economic outcomes for female sexual violence survivors in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (2008-2013)

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Controlled trial of problem solving intervention with conflict affected population in Aceh, Indonesia (2006-2007)

Bass J, Poudyal B, Tol W, Murray L, Nadison M, Bolton P. (2011) ‘A controlled trial of problem-solving counseling for war-affected adults in Aceh, Indonesia. Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology.’ 2012 Feb. 47(2):279-91.
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Identifying mental health needs of violence affected populations in Tamaulipas, Mexico to inform the selection of mental health intervention models (2006)

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Qualitative study of psychosocial problems of torture and trauma affected adults in Jakarta, Indonesia (2006)

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Assessing the prevalence of Depression among adults in rural Rwanda (2000)