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Global Mental Health

Capacity Building and Trainings

The way we engage in research is intentionally driven by our desire to build capacity in program planning and implementation, monitoring and evaluation, and dissemination of study results to inform further programming and policy among local partners, including service providers and academic collaborators. 

For service providers, this often means building capacity of local clinicians and community health workers to treat clients for mental health and psychosocial problems, to provide supervision, and (increasingly in recent years) to build capacity of local mental health intervention trainers.

For monitoring and evaluation staff and academic partners, this means building capacity to set up a system for collecting and using programmatic data.  This can include building skills in how to train and supervise interviewers, adapt and evaluate local assessment measures, establish data systems for program monitoring, plan and direct field-based research, and analyze results.

Capacity building for providing and supervising mental health interventions is done using an apprenticeship approach. This refers to direct didactic training by our faculty followed by supervised implementation by the intervention providers. In some cases this training/supervision is done at a distance – clinical training usually employs this model with US-based trainers meeting weekly with local supervisors by phone or Skype and who in turn meet with the clinicians. For research the training/supervision is done with JHSPH faculty on the ground with local researchers or at a distance as with the clinician model, depending on the previous experience and training of the researchers.

Capacity building for program monitoring and evaluation staff and academic partners follows a similar on-the-job learning model, where local partners work side by side with our faculty to plan for, implement and evaluate mental health programming as programs are implemented.  Our faculty conduct this work using our Design, Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation (DIME) approach.

We also periodically hold more general meetings about our methods and capacity building methods.  If you are interested in learning about upcoming presentations, our apprenticeship or DIME models or would like to discuss opportunities for capacity building, please contact us directly.