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Phase 1 of the CKD Prognosis Consortium was initiated after the "Controversies Conference: Definition, Classification and Prognosis in CKD", sponsored by Kidney Disease Improving Global Outcomes (KDIGO), October 2009, London. The main findings about the association of two key kidney measures (estimated glomerular filtration rate [eGFR] and albuminuria) with mortality and kidney outcomes across various populations were presented at the ASN 2010, November 16-21, 2010, Denver, Colorado, and have been published in the Phase 1 papers (Publications #1-4).

Phase 2 of the CKD Prognosis Consortium expanded Phase 1 analyses in terms of eGFR equations and subgroup analyses. Its methods were presented at the ASN 2011, November 8-13, 2011, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and results have been published in the seven Phase 2 papers (Publications #5-11).

Phase 3 of the CKD Prognosis Consortium evaluated the improvement in cardiovascular disease risk prediction with inclusion of kidney measures, the performance of an end-stage renal disease risk score in regionally diverse cohorts, and the association of kidney measures with acute kidney injury. The CKD-PC also worked with the US National Kidney Foundation and the US Food and Drug Administration to develop and test possible surrogate endpoints for clinical trials in kidney disease. This Phase 3 work was showcased in a jointly sponsored workshop in December 2012 as well as at the ASN 2013, ASN 2014, and the World Congress of Nephrology 2015 in South Africa, ERA-EDTA 2014 in Amsterdam. The results have been published in the seven Phase 3 papers (Publications #12-18). 

Phase 4 of the CKD Prognosis Consortium is ongoing. Published work includes the development of a risk tool for use in the evaluation of living kidney donor candidates. This work was presented at the ASN 2015 and has been published (Publication #19). Work with the US Food and Drug Administration, the European Medicines Agency, and KDIGO continues in this phase with workshops planned in December 2016 in Barcelona and January 2018 in a location to be determined. 


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