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Center of Excellence in Regulatory Science and Innovation

CERSI Writing Competition Winners - Previous Years


2020 Winners:


First place: West Weiss, "Cutting Through the “Gray Area”: An Analysis of the Regulatory Oversight of Applications of CRISPR Technology in Clinical Research" (Now published in Therapeutic Innovation & Regulatory Science:
Second place: Chris Chavez, "Assessing the Impact and Prevention Strategies for African Swine Fever"
Third place: Katelin Henninger, "Review of the Controversy Surrounding the Use of Ethylene Oxide in Medical Device Sterilization"


2019 Winners:


First place: Mark Robberson, "An Empirical Analysis of Innovation in the Pharmaceutical Industry Drug Class: Implications for Regulatory Policy"
Second place: John Winnike, "Substantial Evidence of Effectiveness: Considering a More Dynamic Model for Approval of Drugs Addressing Serious Unmet Medical Need"
Third place: Jasmine Birlew, "The Financial Risks of Non-Compliant Medical Devices"


2018 Winners:

First place: Courtney Turiano, "Basis of Approval and Associated Development Attributes of Drugs Approved by the FDA"
Second place: Danielle Jateng, "A Cross-sectional Study of Geriatric Labeling for High Impact Medications Used by Older Americans"
Third place: Mitsi McHugh, "Clearly Misunderstood Rules of the Stem Cell Road"


2017 Winners:

First place: Dana Wiegand, "Clinical Development Strategies and Regulatory Outcomes of FDA Approved Biological License Applications- Therapeutic Domain Considerations"
Second place: Adria Tyndall, "Human Factors Studies in Biologic License Applications for Injectable Device-Biologic Combination Products"
Third place: Carrie Voycheck, "The Relationship Between Medical Device Recalls and the Volume of Medical Device Reports (MDRs) Submitted to FDA"


2016 Winners:

First place: Lin-Chau Chang, "The Utilization of Standardized MedDRA Queries in Marketing Applications and their Regulatory Reviews."
Second place: Renee Harrell, "The Regulatory Implications of Data-mining."
Third place: Kelly Waldman, "Challenges of Integrating REMS Elements into Pharmacy Systems."