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STD Reading Group

This reading group is modeled after the journal clubs held in many of the departments at  the Bloomberg School, and meets monthly during the academic year on Thursday evenings. The seminar is coordinated by one of the senior students, and student presenters work with faculty to select recent and classic papers that are of interest to young investigators. Previous topics have included the social context of STD acquisition, clinical implications of the HPV vaccine, syphilis elimination, the role of circumcision in HIV prevention strategies, the use of case-crossover designs in STD clinic studies, and HSV/HIV co-infection. To be added to the reading group listserv, please e-mail the student coordinator.
To access the articles,

  • Go to the home page for Welch e-reserves.
  • Select Electronic Reserves & Reserves Pages
  • The default setting is to search by Course Number. Just type "xxx" (no quotation marks) into the blank field and hit enter.
  • Select the Epidemiology Journal Club link. The password is simply epi.
  • Single click the folder for STI 2008-09 to view and download files.

Date / Time

Student Presenter

Faculty Discussant




Sheree Schwartz

Emily Erbelding


Behets FM, Turner AN, Van Damme K, et al.  Vaginal microbicide and diaphragm use for sexually transmitted infection prevention: a randomized acceptability and feasibility study among high-risk women in Madagascar.  Sex Transm Dis. 2008 Sep;35(9):818-26.

Optional: Garg S, Kandarapu R, Vermani K, Tambwekar KR, Garg A, Waller DP, Zaneveld LJ.Development pharmaceutics of microbicide formulations. Part I: preformulation considerations and challenges. AIDS Patient Care STDS. 2003 Jan;17(1):17-32. Review.

Optional: Garg S, Tambwekar KR, Vermani K, Kandarapu R, Garg A, Waller DP, Zaneveld LJ.  Development pharmaceutics of microbicide formulations. Part II: formulation, evaluation, and challenges.  AIDS Patient Care STDS. 2003 Aug;17(8):377-99. Review.

Optional: Adele Baleta.  Disappointment at failure of microbicide candidate.  The Lancet Infectious Diseases - April 2008 (Vol. 8, Issue 4, Page 221, DOI: 10.1016/S1473-3099(08)70060-4)


Liz Temkin

Khalil Ghanem

Herpes screening

Crosby RA, Head S, DiClemente RJ, et al. Do protective behaviors follow the experience of testing positive for Herpes Simplex Type 2? Sex Transm Dis 2008;35:787-90.

Brown D. Herpes awareness project divides officials. Washington Post. 2007 July 24;A03.


Janet Rosenbaum


Sex education and adolescent sexual behavior

D. B. Kirby, B. Laris, and L. A. Rolleri. Sex and HIV education programs: Their impact on sexual
behaviors of young people throughout the world. Journal of Adolescent Health, 40:206–217, 2007.

J. J. Sabia. Does sex education a?ect adolescent sexual behaviors and health? Journal of Policy analysis and management, 25(4):783–802, 2006.

Optional: L. D. Lindberg, J. S. Santelli, and S. Singh. Changes in formal sex education:1995-2002. Perspectives on sexual and reproductive health, 38(4):182–189, 2006.

Optional: K. Underhill, D. Operario, and P. Montgomery. Systematic review of abstinence-plus HIV prevention programs in high-income countries. PLoS Medicine, 4(9):e275, 2007.

Optional: J. J. Sabia. Does early adolescent sex cause depressive symptoms? Journal of Policy analysis and management, 25(4):803–825, 2006



Sabina Haberlen

Anne Rompalo

GC/CT reinfection in adolescents

Ansheutz, G. et al. 2009.  Determining risk markers for gonorrhea and chlamydial infection and reinfection among adolescents in public high schools.  Sexually Transmitted Diseases, 36:1, 4-8.

Optional reading:  Greer, A. and D.N. Fisman.  2009.  Punching above their weight: Males, reinfection, and the limited success of chlamydia screening programs.  Sexually Transmitted Diseases, 36:1, 9-10.




Ron Gray and Maria Wawer

Highlights from the Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI)

Presentations on CROI website:

Karim et al "Safety and Effectiveness of Vaginal Microbicides BufferGel and 0.5% PRO 2000/5 Gel for the Prevention of HIV Infection in Women: Results of the HPTN 035 Trial"

Symposium: Learning from Negative Trials

Anne Buve: Lessons from Microbicide Trials

March 25, 2009


Andrea Swartzendruber

Jonathan Zenilman

STIs in correctional settings

Barry, P.M.; Kent, CK;Scott, KC; Goldenson, JM.; Klausner, JD. Is Jail Screening Associated With a Decrease in Chlamydia Positivity Among Females Seeking Health Services at Community Clinics?-San Francisco, 1997-2004. Sexually Transmitted Diseases February 2009;36(2) Supplement:S22-S28.

Optional: Hammett, TM. "Sexually transmitted diseases and incarceration." Current opinion in infectious diseases . 2009 . Volume: 22 . Issue: 1 . Page: 77.

April 23, 2009


Morgan Marks


HPV in men



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