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Center for Public Health and Human Rights

Developing Tool to Track Attacks on Health Services

Principal Investigator: Leonard Rubenstein

Co-investigators: Emily Clouse, Katherine Footer, Sonal Singh, Rohini Haar (University of California Berkeley), Casey Branchini (graduate student)

Dates of project: Project began 2012 and has been ongoing

Description: This project is developing a tool designed to track incidents of attacks on health care facilities, personnel, transports and patients in circumstances of conflict. The tool is needed to enable health providers, humanitarian organizations, and human rights and civil society organizations to understand trends and dynamics of attacks, including variations by time and geography, and develop political will to end impunity for such attacks. The tool is grounded in international human rights and humanitarian law. Research for the tool began in Burma, and a tool was developed and validated for use there. Subsequently, we adapted the tool for a mobile platform, Magpi, which can be used on a phone, tablet or laptop, and which has security, database and report-generating features. We made the tool available to the Syrian American Medical Society, which is testing the tool, and we are providing technical assistance.

Project publications: