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Center for Public Health and Human Rights

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Fall Symposium 2019


IAS 2019

Chris Beyrer quoted in Science

Michele Decker quoted in the Baltimore Sun

Michele Decker quoted in the Daily Times

Len Rubenstein's Letter to the Editor: Adherence to the laws of war is essential

Stop the Carnage: Doctors Call for an end to Syria Hospital Airstrikes ​

Len Rubenstein's Report: "Impunity Remains: Attacks on Health Care in 23 Countries in Conflict"

Len Rubenstein's Report: "Reality Makes Our Decisions: Ethical Challenges in Humanitarian Health in Situations of Extreme Violence."

Len Rubenstein's Testimony at the UN Security Council

Press Conference on Venezuela's Humanitarian Emergency​

Spring Symposium 2019


Ending AIDS in US by 2030