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Center for Public Health and Human Rights

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COVID-19 and the US Criminal Justice System: Evidence for Public Health Measures to Reduce Risk

Race for the COVID-19 Vaccine with Dr. Chris Beyrer

LGBTQ Health Research Textbook Published

What do stigma and the police have to do with HIV? A review of HIV syndemics

Masks Do More Than Protect Others During COVID-19: Reducing the Inoculum of SARS-CoV-2 to Protect the Wearer  

Len Rubenstein's "Getting Serious About Protecting Health Care in War" published in Just Security

Carrie Lyons' Research Abstract Highlighted in NAM Aidsmap

Stuck at Venezuela’s Border with Covid-19 All Around

Safeguarding Health in Conflict - Health Workers at Risk: Violence Against Health Care.


Venezuela: Urgent Aid Needed to Combat Covid-19

Public Health Experts Urge U.S. Officials to Withdraw Order Enabling Mass Expulsion of Asylum Seekers

Emerging Human Rights Issues in the COVID-19 Response

Chris Beyrer's Issue Brief in Refugees International

Chris Beyrer's Comment Submission Published in The Lancet

Leonard Rubenstein Mentioned in The Washington Post and  The Baltimore Sun

Chris Beyrer Interviewed on Bloomberg TV

Council on Foreign Relations: The Middle East Response to the Coronavirus

NPR: As Jails And Prisons Reduce Populations, Advocates Call On ICE To Do The Same 

Public Health on Call: COVID-19 in Prisons, Jails, and Detention Centers

Chris Beyrer's Publications on the Lancet and the Health and Human Rights Journal

Len Rubenstein Testifies at the House Foreign Affairs Committee

  • Len Rubenstein testified at the House Foreign Affairs Committee’s Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission on protection of health care in conflict. You can watch his full testimony here:

Chris Beyrer Facilitating November 22nd Event led by Center for AIDS Research

November event

Chris Beyrer Quoted in Hopkins Bloomberg Public Health Magazine

2 Rohingya Study Group's Qualitative Studies Published in Conflict and Health

Chris Beyrer's Co-Authored Comment Published in the Lancet HIV

Len Rubenstein's Article Featured in Multiple Media Outlets

Chris Beyrer's Opinion Piece Published in the New York Times

Fall Symposium 2019


IAS 2019

Chris Beyrer quoted in Science

Michele Decker quoted in the Baltimore Sun

Michele Decker quoted in the Daily Times

Len Rubenstein's Letter to the Editor: Adherence to the laws of war is essential

Stop the Carnage: Doctors Call for an end to Syria Hospital Airstrikes ​

Len Rubenstein's Report: "Impunity Remains: Attacks on Health Care in 23 Countries in Conflict"

Len Rubenstein's Report: "Reality Makes Our Decisions: Ethical Challenges in Humanitarian Health in Situations of Extreme Violence."

Len Rubenstein's Testimony at the UN Security Council

Press Conference on Venezuela's Humanitarian Emergency​

Spring Symposium 2019


Ending AIDS in US by 2030