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Center for Public Health and Human Rights

Director’s Welcome

Chris BeyrerGreetings and welcome to the new website of the Center for Public Health and Human Rights at the Bloomberg School.  We hope you find the site informative and inspiring.

We established the Center in 2004, starting with the core principle that access to health care in dignity and safety is a fundamental human right. While many agencies and groups are active in the field of health and human rights, our Center faculty, staff and students take unique population-based approaches in much of our work.  We seek to bring human rights principles to bear on key public health challenges in environments where human dignity and well-being is especially under threat. Our research measures human rights impacts, including expanding sources of information on human rights violations and, increasingly, on public health intervention research grounded in human rights principles.

Through research, teaching, and advocacy our faculty, staff, and students contribute expertise that is essential for the work this emerging field requires.  We hope you find the work compelling and we invite you use our materials, attend our events, download our science, and to follow us on social media.  Help us address public health and human rights threats—the individuals, families, and communities facing these threats need your engagement.

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Chris Beyrer

Desmond M. Tutu Professor and Director, CPHHR

Chris Beyrer

Connect with Director Beyrer on Social Media via Facebook and Twitter. We work closely with the International AIDS Society and the Johns Hopkins University Center for AIDS Research.