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Center for Public Health Advocacy


Teaching is of the utmost importance in public health.

Currently, teaching approaches and advocacy skills are disparate and under-recognized in terms of academic and career advancement. Because teaching and training in public health advocacy must immerse public health professionals in the realities that advocates face, it cannot be limited to the classroom; practical, experiential learning should complement more formal training to develop the craftsmanship that effective advocacy entails.

Focuses for the Center

Coordinating the Certificate in Public Health Advocacy

The Center has developed a cross-departmental Certificate in Public Health Advocacy. The Certificate is open to JHSPH students, JHU students from other divisions, and non-degree seeking students from outside the University. For more information on the Certificate in Public Health Advocacy, visit the Certificate page.

Teaching advocacy

Affiliated faculty and staff will work to boil down the essential elements of advocacy that can be taught, and share them with faculty, staff, students, and other advocates. This includes skills related to:

Providing technical assistance


Facilitating cross-disciplinary learning