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Center for Public Health Advocacy

Center for Public Health Advocacy

Evidence-informed advocacy is increasingly integral to public health teaching and practice. 

Yet, few academic institutions have rigorously incorporated advocacy training, teaching, and evaluation into their curricula and degree requirements.

This need led to the creation of the Center for Public Health Advocacy. The Center supports a culture of evidence-based advocacy that changes social norms and improves public health for all. The Center focuses on JHSPH's three pillars, striving for excellence in research, teaching, and practice.

A High-Level Forum on Public Health Advocacy

The forum was an opportunity to learn from experts in public health advocacy the best ways to study, teach and improve the practice of advocacy to promote the goals of the public health. 

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The Charter for the Center for Public Health Advocacy.

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Case Studies

Case studies developed by the Center.

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Advocacy Practice

Get involved in advocacy.

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