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The Toll: Coping with Crime and Violence in Baltimore

WYPRIn February 2007, WYPR began a series of stories about crime in Baltimore, entitled, The Toll: Coping with Crime and Violence in Baltimore. The objective was to illustrate the impact of crime on the quality of life, and on life itself.  The WYPR News staff and freelance reporters compiled nearly 90 stories and essays in all, interviewing academics, police officers, prosecutors, hustlers, drug addicts, drug counselors, the young, the elderly, gang members, elected office holders, community activists and dozens of ordinary city residents.

This year, WYPR brings us a new series titled Growning Up in Baltimore, which is scheduled for release in October 2009.  Individual pieces look at specific neighborhoods and specific issues, as well as problems and possible solutions.

To listen to individual stories from The Toll series, click on one of the following audio links below.

Crime Anxiety / Family Trauma, Ex-Offenders and Lessons Learned / Gangs and Violence

Crime Anxiety 

Family Trauma, Ex-Offenders & Lessons Learned

Gangs and Violence

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