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Seminars, Presentations and Workshops

The Center both sponsors seminars and provides information about non-Center affiliated seminars and presentations throughout the year on topical issues related to youth violence prevention. These are opportunities for researchers, students, policymakers, community members and others to come together to share research findings, explore interventions intended to reduce youth violence, improve outcomes for youth and discuss implications and future directions for the community and state.

This list is updated regularly, so please check back with us to find out about upcoming seminars, presentations and workshops as information becomes available.

September 2009

SWIS Facilitator Training
September 22 - 24, 2009
The School-wide Information System (
SWIS) is a web-based information system used to improve the behavior support in elementary, middle and high schools. The purpose of SWIS is to provide school personnel with accurate, timely, and practical information for making decisions about discipline systems. School personnel collect ongoing information about discipline events in their school, and enter this information through protected, web-based software. SWIS provides summaries of this information for use in the design of effective behavior support for individual students, groups of students, or the whole student body. With accurate and timely information, school personnel can make decisions that transform schools into safe, orderly, and supportive environments. Go to for more information.

October 2009

Chicago, IL: Sustainable, Schoolwide Social and Emotional Learning Implementation Workshop
October 5-6, 2009

This workshop equips school administrators and their teams with the tools and skills to implement high-quality, sustainable, evidence-based social and emotional learning programming that is integrated into all aspects of schooling. Participants learn about the newest research on SEL implementation and sustainability, explore the role of leadership, receive individual consultation from CASEL staff, interact with other schools implementing SEL programming, and leave the training with a comprehensive plan of action for implementing and sustaining SEL programming. For more more information, visit
PBIS Implementer's Forum
October 8 - 9, 2009

For more information, visit

February 2010

Chevy Chase, MD: Spotlighting Positive Youth Development Kickoff Event
February 3, 2010

Participate in a three-day kickoff session in the Washington, D.C., area, all expenses paid, to learn more about positive youth development frameworks, effective collaboration strategies, and how to coordinate youth services effectively across sectors. Learn more by visiting

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