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Hands Off: Strategies to Combat Youth Violence

Hands Off Written by Sara Hassan, former program administrator for the Johns Hopkins Center for the Prevention of Youth Violence, and LaMarr Darnell Shields, co-founder and president of Urban Leadership Institute (ULI), Hands Off: Strategies to Combat Youth Violence provides information that educational planners, curriculum developers and teachers can utilize to develop and implement violence prevention activities at schools and/or youth organizations. The Hands Off guidebook addresses the knowledge, attitudes and skills that young people need to enhance in order to reduce their involvement with violence, whether in the role of the aggressor, victim or bystander. At the beginning of each chapter, this manual lists a sequence of grade-specific learning objectives used to guide the selection of content for that specific chapter, and it also highlights expected attitude and behavior changes to be achieved at the end of the chapter. This guidebook also includes information about teaching methods known to be effective for achieving the goals of this educational violence prevention curriculum.

The aim of Hands Off is to educate students, teachers and parents about youth violence, its consequences and preventive interventions; to facilitate positive youth development; to teach positive conflict resolution strategies, and to save the lives of young people so that they can become successful and productive citizens. Included with the book is a DVD containing segments from the Teen Perspective talk show series produced by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, ULI and WMAR ABC 2. For more information, to schedule a training session or to purchase a book, go to