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Community Programs

The Center works with local and statewide programs and inter-agency groups to develop and direct violence prevention programs and projects. The Center also takes part in the following:

  • Provides technical assistance to the City, State and related agencies concerning youth violence prevention and the evaluation of programs, projects and policies.
  • Works with the Mayor's Office, the Baltimore City Public School System (BCPSS), Police Department, and Health Department, as well as the Maryland Departments of Educations (MSDE) and Juvenile Services (DJS), local community organizations, and residents to monitor youth violence.
  • Works with staff from the Baltimore City Public School System, the Baltimore City Family League, and other agencies concerning the analysis of the school safety survey and the use of these data and other data for creating safe and supportive learning environments.
  • Meets with the Baltimore City Gang Violence Reduction steering committee to ensure that the implementation of related programs such as Operation Safe Streets.

Center faculty members take the lead in developing, facilitating, consulting with, and providing linkages for City, State, and multi-agency programs. Working with organizations and agencies, our faculty members:

  • Develop and coordinate a continuum of services for youth and families
  • Facilitate planning and implementations of programs that use evidence-based practices and monitor outcomes
  • Foster collaborations among agencies
  • Help empower communities

For a list of community program descriptions, click here.  


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