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Center for Law and the Public’s Health

Clinic Students Submit Recommendations on Sodium Reduction to Dr. Joshua Sharfstein, Maryland’s Secretary for Health and Mental Hygiene

Students in the Johns Hopkins Clinic for Public Health Law and Policy tackled the difficult public health challenge of reducing the high amount of dietary sodium that Americans consume, mostly through processed and restaurant foods. This larger issue was narrowed to focus on reducing the sodium intake of senior citizens residing in elder care facilities in Maryland.  

In March 2013, Clinic students made a video presentation to Dr. Joshua Sharfstein, Secretary of the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, and submitted a report containing a recommendation that new regulations be promulgated to require a low-sodium menu option at every meal served to residents of assisted living and independent living facilities in Maryland.  The report also recommended that these facilities be required to reduce the overall sodium content of food served to residents by 10% each year until the average daily consumption of sodium for all residents totals no more than 2000 mg.

View the video presentation below.



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