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Center for Human Nutrition

Food and Nutrition Policy

Faculty at the Center work collectively to inform and direct food and nutrition policy in the United States and around the world. All of our faculty work to address scientific questions with the goal of discovering new ways to address the nutritional problems of vulnerable populations, and in this way their work informs and directs policies and programs regarding food and nutrition. Faculty also synthesize existing information in the form of pooled analyses or systematic reviews to provide key information to policymakers on how to deal effectively with public health problems. 

Faculty in the Center have been involved with key papers assessing the role of undernutrition in morbidity and mortality of women and children and quantifying the Global Burden of Disease (GBD) attributable to these conditions. In addition, faculty have been involved in the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) review of the role of foods and nutrients in specific cancers. Key to such endeavors has been the involvement of students from various departments throughout the School. Faculty in the Center have also served key roles in Institute of Medicine (IOM) committees, guiding, for example, the development of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

Center faculty from the Department of Health Policy and Management play a key role by researching the impact of policies on important health outcomes, including policies for obesity prevention and the promotion of physical activity. 


Researchers examined healthy food availability and diet quality among Baltimore City and Baltimore County, Md., residents and found that availability of healthy foods was associated with quality of diet, and 46 percent of lower-income neighborhoods had a low availability of healthy foods. <More>

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