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Center for Human Nutrition

Impact of Newborn Vitamin A Supplementation on Infant Mortality 

JiVitA 2

Study Dates

January 2004 - January 2007


Gaibandha and Rangpur Districts, Bangladesh


JiVitA-2 was a cluster-randomized, placebo-controlled, community trial of ~16,000 newborns nested in the JiVitA-1 trial to assess the effect of newborn vitamin A supplementation (single 50,000 IU oral dose) on infant mortality through 6 months of life in rural Bangladesh.


  • Relative to control subjects, the risk of death among vitamin A-supplemented newborns was 0.85, corresponding to a 15% reduction in all-cause mortality.
  • Morality rates were 38.5 vs. 45.1 deaths per 1000 live births in the vitamin A-supplemented and placebo groups, respectively.
  • Little treatment effect was seen beyond 16 weeks of age.


Klemm RD, Labrique AB, Christian P, Rashid M, Shamim AA, Katz J, Sommer A, West KP Jr. Newborn vitamin A supplementation reduced infant mortality in rural Bangladesh. Pediatrics, 2008; 122:e242-250.

itamin A at birth: a new way to save infant lives in southern Asia. The JiVitA Journal Brief No. 2, September 2012.