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Center for Human Nutrition


Jean Humphrey

Academic Degrees
ScD, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, 1992, MSPH, University of California, 1984
Departmental Affiliation
International Health
Human Nutrition
Joint Departmental Affiliations
SOM- Ophthalmology
Departmental Address
Wolfe St. Building 2041
Phone: 263-4-850732
Research and Professional Experience


  • International Health
  • Micronutrient deficiencies and infection
  • HIV in women and children

Honors and Awards

Selected Publications

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  • Stoltzfus RJ, Humphrey JH. Vitamin A and the nursing mother-infant dyad: evidence for intervention. Adv Exp Med Biol. 2002;503:39-47. PMID: 12026026
  • Humphrey JH, Rice AL. Vitamin A supplementation of young infants. Lancet. 2000 Jul 29;356(9227):422-4. No abstract available. PMID: 10972388
  • Humphrey JH, Quinn T, Fine D, Lederman H, Yamini-Roodsari S, Wu LS, Moeller S, Ruff AJ. Short-term effects of large-dose vitamin A supplementation on viral load and immune response in HIV-infected women. J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr Hum Retrovirol. 1999 Jan 1;20(1):44-51. PMID: 9928729
  • Humphrey JH, Agoestina T, Juliana A, Septiana S, Widjaja H, Cerreto MC, Wu LS, Ichord RN, Katz J, West KP Jr. Neonatal vitamin A supplementation: effect on development and growth at 3 y of age. Am J Clin Nutr. 1998 Jul;68(1):109-17. PMID: 9665104
  • Katz J, Khatry SK, West KP, Humphrey JH, Leclerq SC, Kimbrough E, Pohkrel PR, Sommer A. Night blindness is prevalent during pregnancy and lactation in rural Nepal. J Nutr. 1995 Aug;125(8):2122-7. PMID: 7643246
  • Humphrey JH, Natadisastra G, Muhilal, Friedman DS, Tielsch JM, West KP Jr, Sommer A. A 210-mumol dose of vitamin A provides more prolonged impact on vitamin A status than 105 mumol among preschool children. J Nutr. 1994 Aug;124(8):1172-8. PMID: 8064367
  • Humphrey JH, West KP Jr, Muhilal, See LC, Natadisastra G, Sommer A. A priming dose of oral vitamin A given to preschool children may extend protection conferred by a subsequent large dose of vitamin A. J Nutr. 1993 Aug;123(8):1363-9. PMID: 8336206
  • Humphrey JH, West KP Jr, Sommer A. Vitamin A deficiency and attributable mortality among under-5-year-olds. Bull World Health Organ. 1992;70(2):225-32. PMID: 1600583