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Center for Human Nutrition


Parul Christian

Academic Degrees
DrPH, Johns Hopkins 1997
Departmental Affiliation
International Health
Departmental Address
E2541, SPH, 615 N. Wolfe St, Baltimore, MD 21205
Phone: 410-955-1188
Fax: 410-955-0196
Research and Professional Experience

For the past 18 years my research has focused on the role of nutrition in influencing maternal, infant and child health, survival, growth and development in low income countries. I am specifically interested in micronutrient deficiencies and their impact on fetal growth, birth outcomes, reproductive health and survival and child survival, growth and development. My research, carried out in Nepal, examined the impact of alternative combinations of micronutrient supplementation during pregnancy in reducing low birth weight and neonatal mortality. Recently, I was involved in two large community trials in Bangladesh of maternal vitamin A and beta-carotene supplementation and its impact on maternal mortality and the impact of newborn vitamin A supplementation on infant mortality. Currently, I am co-PI of a trial in Bangladesh, which aims to test the efficacy of maternal multiple micronutrient supplementation in improving infant survival. Within this study, I am also specifically interested in examining the influence of nutrients on materno-fetal-placental factors promoting fetal growth. I am also involved in prospective cohort studies to examine the long term impact of maternal micronutrient interventions on cognitive outcomes funded by NICHD (R01) and early biomarkers of chronic diseases in the children of the women who participated in the original trial who are now 6-8 y of age. I have recently completed studies of treatment of severe anemia in pregnant women and young children in Karachi, Pakistan.


micronutrients, nutrient interactions, maternal mortality, infant mortality, reproductive health, low birth weight, pregnancy, community trials, nutrition and cognition, developmental origins of health and disease, epidemiology, Open CourseWare,

Honors and Awards

2008 M. S. University of Baroda, Foods and Nutrition Department, India - Alumni Achievement Award

2004 Pollin Stipend for young investigator of $100,000

1997 Delta Omega Honor Society (Johns Hopkins)

1996 Harry D. Kruse Award

1996 Society for International Nutrition Research - Student Prize

Selected Publications

West KP Jr. Christian P, Labrique AB, Rashid M, Shamim AA, Klemm RDW, et al. Effects of vitamin A or beta-carotene supplementation on mortality related to pregnancy:  A cluster-randomized, double-masked, placebo-controlled trial in Bangladesh. JAMA 2011; 305:1986-1995.

Merrill RD, Shamim A, Ali H, Jahan J, Labrique AB, Schulze K, Christian P, West, KP Jr.  Iron status of women is associated with iron content in potable groundwater in rural Bangladesh. J Nutr 2011; 141:944-9.

Labrique AB, Rashid M, Christian P, Shamim AA, Klemm RDW, Massie A, Katz J, West KP Jr.  A cluster-randomized, placebo-controlled maternal vitamin A or beta-carotene supplementation trial in Bangladesh: Design and methods. Trials 2011; 21:102-8.

Shaikh S, Schulze KJ, Ali H, Labrique AB, Shamim AA...