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Center for Human Nutrition


Joel Gittelsohn

Academic Degrees
Ph.D., University of Connecticut-Storrs, 1989, MS, University of Connecticut-Storrs, 1986
Departmental Affiliation
International Health
Human Nutrition
Phone: 410-955-3927
Fax: 410-955-0196
Research and Professional Experience

Joel Gittelsohn, PhD, MSc, Professor, Department of International Health, Johns Hopkins University, is a medical anthropologist who specializes in the use of qualitative and quantitative information to design, implement and evaluate health and nutrition intervention programs. Dr. Gittelsohn integrates qualitative and quantitative approaches to better understand culture-based beliefs and behaviors regarding dietary patterns, and how these factors influence the success or failure of dietary and lifestyle modification strategies. He applies these methods and interventions for the prevention of obesity and diabetes among different indigenous and ethnic groups, to nutrient deficiencies of Nepalese children and women, and to improve infant feeding in diverse settings (The Gambia; Hartford, CT; Peru). He is currently working on chronic disease interventions among the White Mountain and San Carlos Apache (obesity prevention), the Ojibwa-Cree (diabetes prevention), African American church-going women (cardiovascular disease prevention) and children and adults in the Republic of the Marshall Islands (obesity and undernutrition prevention).

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International Health, Nutritional anthropology; culture; behavior;dietary patterns; nutrition intervention; obesity prevention; diabetes prevention; environmental interventions; food store programs

Honors and Awards

2012 Advising, Mentoring and Teaching Award, bloomberg School of Public Health, Johns Hopkins University

2005 Advising, Mentoring and Teaching Award, bloomberg School of Public Health, Johns Hopkins University

2002 Best Paper of the Year, 2001-2002, Health Education and Behavior, for Cortes, LM, Gittelsohn, J, Alfred J, and Palafox, N (2001) “Formative Research to Inform Intervention Development for Diabetes Prevention in the Republic of the Marshall Islands,” Health Education and Behavior  28(6):696-715.

1993 The Johns Hopkins University Teaching Quality Award

1991 The Johns Hopkins University Golden Apple Teaching Award

Selected Publications

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