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Center for Human Nutrition

Master of Science in Public Health Program

The MSPH program in human nutrition is designed to train professionals to focus on public health problems in food and nutrition in human populations and to be able to incorporate food and nutrition elements into public health research, programs, and policies. Graduates are expected to assume positions in nutrition and food program management, laboratory analysis, operations, evaluation, or surveillance and monitoring while working in government, international or non-governmental agencies, universities, or private industry.

Course Requirements 

Students must complete a minimum of 96 credits, usually completed over six terms. Of these, 64 credits are directed coursework, with approximately 39 credits from four core content areas—metabolism, research methods, nutrition and health, and professional skills—and 25 credits from electives and special studies. The remaining 32 credits are a practicum experience in the second year. Students must also pass a written comprehensive exam.

The exact choices of elective coursework, special studies, and practicum experience will vary depending on specific choices made by each student in conjunction with their advisor, as well as on the student's unique career goals.

For more information, see the Program for Human Nutrition in the Department of International Health.

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