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Center for Human Nutrition

Dr. Keith West

From the Director, Keith West

Welcome to Hopkins Nutrition!  Our goal is to conduct research, teach and train tomorrow’s nutrition leaders, and advocate evidenced approaches to improve nutrition throughout life. Our view is global, our actions are in context. The Center was created to leverage opportunities for nutrition research across departments and centers of the Bloomberg School of Public Health, Schools of Medicine, and the nearby US Department of Agriculture facilities in Beltsville, Maryland. The Center has over 40 affiliated investigators, including 15 full-time faculty within the Program in Human Nutrition of the Department of International Health. We are particularly proud of our integrated Sight and Life Global Nutrition Research Institute which enriches our academic life on campus through faculty, scholarships, lectureships, internships and publications support.  


Center faculty are presently conducting research to

  1. Address Hidden Hunger:  revealing consequences of maternal and child micronutrient deficiencies and benefits of their prevention on health, cognition, growth and survival
  2. Frame the obesity epidemic: through epidemiology and systems science
  3. Tackle obesity: testing strategies to provide healthier food choices, lose weight, and reduce diabetes and cardiovascular disease
  4. Test interventions: improving survival, diet, growth, cognition and gut health through child feeding, water-sanitation-hygiene, and nutrition education 
  5. Change home behavior: fostering mother-child interactions and a more nurturing home environment 
  6. Discover biomarkers:  exploring the plasma proteome for ways to predict nutritional deficiencies and inflammation in populations
  7. Prevent cancer:  testing bioactive foods and reducing mycotoxins in the environment 
  8. Link agriculture to nutrition: testing biofortified foods, unpacking effects of food insecurity, surveying populations for ways to add value to the food chain.  

Our faculty carry out their work with centers in Asia (Nepal, Bangladesh, India, Thailand and Indonesia), Africa (Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania), Latin America (Peru, Guatemala) and North America (USA and Canada) creating knowledge and opportunity, fostering collaboration and informing policies.   

We are grateful to our funders including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the US Agency for International Development, the National Institutes of Health, the Middendorf Foundation, DSM, Ltd, Friends of George G. Graham, the Harry D. Kruse Family, the Bacon Chow Family, Dr. and Mrs. TC Wu, and many other contributors. 

Please explore our site, get the latest news, stay up on alumni news, share your visions and be an active member in our global Center in Human Nutrition!  


Keith P. West, Jr., Dr.P.H., R.D.
Director, Center for Human Nutrition
George G. Graham Professor of Infant and Child Nutrition