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The Center for Environmental Health Tracking

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 Biomonitoring Information

The National Report on Human Exposure to Environmental Chemicals provides an ongoing assessment of the U.S. population's exposure to environmental chemicals using biomonitoring.  Biomonitoring is the assessment of human exposure to chemicals by measuring the chemicals or their metabolites in human specimens such as blood or urine.

This Third Report presents first-time information for the U.S. population for 38 of the 148 chemicals included in the Report.  The Report also includes data from the Second National Report on Human Exposure to Environmental Chemicals; that is, data for 1999-2000.

Environmental Health Surveillance Legislation

Senate Bill 1442: Coordinated Environmental Health Network Act of 2005 - introducted July 21, 2005, read the news release from Senator Clinton's office.

 Chemicals in our Bodies: Should We Be Concerned

American Chemistry Council and the ACS Science & the Congress Project -Congressional briefing - July, 2005

Thomas A. Burke, PhD, MPH, Professor and Chair, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health; Chair, National Academy of Science Biomonitoring Panel (moderating)


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