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Center for Drug Safety and Effectiveness

Data Assets

The Johns Hopkins Center for Drug Safety and Effectiveness provides a platform for investigators and trainees to access available data resources to conduct robust studies of drug utilization, safety and effectiveness.

The Center's core faculty members are national experts in pharmacoepidemiology with particular expertise in drug utilization, comparative effectiveness, advanced methods in observational studies, propensity scores and missing data. Trainees and young investigators are exposed to the rich and diverse group of experts in pharmacoepidemiology with hands on practical experience of participating in several ongoing studies of drug safety and effectiveness, and our faculty provides guidance to investigators to determine the appropriate data resource for their studies.

Center investigators use a variety of publicly available and proprietary assets in the conduct of their scholarly work. Many investigations leverage commercial insurance claims, while others utilize nationally representative surveys, longitudinal cohort studies, and national audits of ambulatory care, retail pharmacy sales, and pharmaceutical distribution or promotion. Some of these data are publicly available and can be readily used for any purpose, while others are proprietary and thus licensed under specific data use agreements. The bottom line is that the Center for Drug Safety and Effectiveness has numerous analytic resources that are available to support scholarly investigations examining drug safety, effectiveness or utilization - the question is just which is the right one for the scientific investigation at hand.

Data Assets




National Center for Health Statistics Datasets


Johns Hopkins Clinical Databases

Center faculty also work with a variety of data that are derived from the clinical operations of Johns Hopkins Medicine. These data include detailed patient-level health care utilization and expenditure data, ranging from patient demographic information, to clinical health service utilization to detailed billing and insurance coverage information for hundreds of thousands of individuals.

Center for Clinical Data Analysis

The Center for Clinical Data Analysis (CCDA) is chartered to provide exploratory data access, data extraction, and development support to the clinical research community. The CCDA is intended to be an Honest Broker between JHM operational data and interested parties in the research community.

The CCDA recognizes the need for enhanced self-service data research capabilities in addition to traditional data extraction engagements.  I2b2 (Informatics for Integrating Biology and the Bedside) is an NIH-funded informatics framework enabling patient cohort discovery using clinical data. I2b2 is currently being deployed by ICTR and CCDA as a platform to empower authorized Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers to expedite patient cohort discovery prior to IRB approval of access to a fully identified data set.

The Patient Centered Outcomes Research Initiative (PCORI) draws on CCDA clinical domain, data extraction, systems architecture and open source systems and software expertise to research, in collaboration with several external institutions, specific patient cohorts. This virtual network will aggregate specific patient populations to provide a cohort against which institutional practice variations can be evaluated.

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Johns Hopkins Longitudinal Cohort Studies