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Date: Jul 2020

Beaten by the Police

by Amaya Murillo

Authors Note: A poem written based on the murder of George Floyd and the cruelty through out the justice system that is taking black lives too early and  killing innocent people. I’m so hurt by the systemic racism this country was built on and that's found in the system that is supposed to protect us. 

Corrupt in a system;

We can’t fight our way out of;

A cycle of life we didn’t ask to be a part of.


They point these guns at our head;

“It’s self-defense.” 


We don’t resist; 

We squeal “I can’t breathe!”


But we’re still seen as a threat to the safety of the ones who don’t look like us.


Black isn’t scary;

Black isn’t unkind; 

Black is beauty;

Truly something unable to be defined. 


But those blindfolds carried by the oppressors; 

That’s covering their eyes; 

Will forever never allow them to see we really all are beautifully one kind. 


Bleed the same color; 

Breathe the same air; 

That same air the oppressors restrict our lungs from. 


We are beaten by the police.


No longer will we be beaten and broken down;

We will fight with our voices;

We will fight with our marching.


To beat the police; 

Take back the power we possess inside. 

by Lanae Williams

Corona is depicted a lot in other lives, not just yours. What it has done not only affects you but the world surrounding you.

When you look back at your memories, with the toll it has brought you see what you have lost.

To only know it could’ve been better. It’s always that one memory that represents you the most.

Looking back at the rides and just seeing other people with their bags on their back, a water bottle in their hand and a toddler in the other. Being in the smell of bleached down water. Walking past the fresh donuts, hearing the screams of joy. Taking a turn to grasp the experience. Knowing this could be your last. Not knowing what would happen next. 

What would happen next? Running till you can't no more, feeling the steps beneath yours as you run down the path; dodging your way through the next crowd. Each step a lift to your spirit. 

The taste of cotton candy, slowly melting in your mouth. So sweet that at the end of the day your soul and body feels it has gotten a treat.

When that moment happens, you turn. Out of excitement, you look and everything you thought of had become just that…a memory. 

To see and realize the real truth. And feel your soul torn by the screams inside. 

You wake further into the year, petrified as it could be your last. Now to drown in sorrow and know you are a threat. 

No, not by your actions, the way you perceive your way in life. On how you speak the truth and light. They are afraid. How your skin and religion represents loyalty and faithfulness.

But it is always the weapon they are scared of, the royalty that runs through your veins, skin and mind. They feel guilt over what has been put upon you.


by Rastehuti Missouri

When another brother becomes a hashtag falling a victim to unfortunate circumstances we face - we used to be the supreme race;

Why you mad at me ‘cuz we ain’t got the same color face;

Used to get sprayed with hoses but now we sprayed with mace;

Rather riot than protest ‘cuz we taking a stand -  won’t sit around while the police kill another black man. 

The worst they getting is fired not no time in the can.

How old do I gotta be to be considered a threat? 

They out here killing kids too;

They shot Tamir in his chest!

But Karen get on the cameras like she all in distress; 

She let whites loot while stabbing blacks -  I guess she needed a check.

Kap took a knee for our rights;

George Floyd took a knee to the neck!

And no black on black crime is not a thing -  ‘cuz its no such thing as white on white; 

Forever screaming ‘I cant breathe’ as we continue the fight; 

We call em 12, but they ain't 12, they know the difference between wrong and right.

Beat the Streets with Our Feet marching from day to the night!!

Martin Luther the thing was peaceful but they shot him on sight;

Malcolm was speaking facts and he was shinning his light;

Got him killed on the inside -  his own people took his life 

Black lives matter and we know, yes;

Supreme beings all over the U.S. rather show us looting before they show a protest;

And all lives matter is just a protest to my protest!

We won’t stand down ‘til all the officers are underarrest!

Mr.Floyd Fly High - I know your fam in distress;

Oh Dereck, you in the jungle with apes now no gun no vest.

Revolution will not be televised, ‘cuz they don’t know how we live;

They don’t know what it’s like fearing for your life - seeing those lights even though you a kid.

They killed Mike Brown when he was 17, he ain’t get a chance to live.

 So why should you 'F' the system?

 ‘Cuz we need freedom too!