Dr. Renee M. Johnson has been appointed Vice Chair of Diversity, Equity, Incusion (DEI) for the JHSPH Mental Health Department.

"In her new role, Renee will lead our department’s diversity, equity and inclusion activities, including chairing our department committee for diversity, equity, and inclusion (which is yet to be officially named, but may follow the school’s IDARE initiative label (Inclusion, Diversity, Anti-Racism, and Equity)). In addition, she will serve on the School’s IDARE committee to help implement unified school-level strategies, joined by diversity leaders from other departments of the School. Importantly, in her role as a Vice Chair, she will help us hold the department accountable to IDARE principles in all activities and decision making," the Mental Health Department Chair Dr. Margaret Daniele Fallin said in announcing the appointment.

Dr. Johnson is the Training Core Lead in the Center for Adolescent Health, as well as working in the Center for Mental Health and Addiction Policy Research, the Johns Hopkins Center for Injury Research and Policy and the Bloomberg American Health Initiative.