Phil LeafTamar Mendelson Beth Marshall Terri Powell Kristin Mmari

From top (left to right):  Phil Leaf, Tamar Mendelson, Beth Marshall, Terri Powell, Kristin Mmari

Johns Hopkins Center for Adolescent Health faculty, staff and trainees are thrilled to present their work at the upcoming American Public Health Association Annual Conference in sunny San Diego, California (Nov. 10-14, 2018). We are excited to connect with our Prevention Research Center program colleagues and other public health professionals! 

Johns Hopkins Center for Adolescent Health APHA 2018 Presentations

Monday, November 12, 2018

  1.  1:20 pm-1:40 pm | 3273.0 Patient and provider perspectives on group-based obstetrics care to reduce perinatal mood and anxiety disorders | CAH author: Tamar Mendelson 
  2. 2:00 pm-2:20 pm | 3273.0 Addressing Perinatal Depression Among Medicaid Recipients: An Analysis of Policy Opportunities | CAH author: Tamar Mendelson 

Tuesday, November 13

  1. 8:50 am-9:10 am | 4022.0 Exploring the Influence of Food Insecurity on Risky Behaviors among Opportunity Youth | CAH authors: Asari Offiong (trainee), Kristin Mmari, Tamar Mendelson
  2. 9:30 am-9:45 am | 4065.0 "We learn about sex after we get pregnant": Adolescent perspectives of sexual health education across Baltimore, MD | CAH authors: Terri Powell, Courtney Turner (former research assistant), McKane Sharff (trainee), Beth Marshall 
  3. 5:40 pm-6:00 pm | 4448.0 A multi-informant qualitative analysis of implementing an evidence-based intervention in Baltimore City Public Middle Schools | CAH authors: Terri Powell, Meghan Jo, Julian Owens (former trainee), Beth Marshall, Anne Smith (trainee), Asari Offiong (trainee), Phil Leaf 

Wednesday, November 14

  1. 9:30 am-9:50 am | 5047.0 Size Matters: Addressing Social Determinants of Health through Black Churches | CAH authors: Terri Powell, Keiana West (former intern), Courtney Turner