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Center for Adolescent Health

About Us

The Physical Activity Policy Research Network Plus (PAPRN+) is comprised of researchers and practitioners working collaboratively to advance physical activity policy research at local, state, regional, and federal levels, addressing all aspects of the policy process - formation, adoption, implementation, and evaluation, as well as dissemination. We aime to effectively translate our research findings to all end-users, namely practitioners, advocates, policymakers, and decision-makers. 


Conduct and communicate policy research so it can be used by stakeholders in multiple sectors to help Americans achieve adequate physical activity to promote and sustain health. 


After the research is conducted, the Network will support translation and dissemination activities for each Network-supported project, in order to realize the following vision: 

PAPRN+ advances policy research to increase the number of Americans who achieve adequate physical activity to promote and sustain health.

Definition of Physical Activity Policy

Physical activity policy is a legislative action, organized guidance, or rule that may affect the physical activity environment or behavior at a population level (Schmid et al 2006).