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Center for Adolescent Health

Archived Center Projects

Adolescent Behavioral Repertoire and Marijuana Use in Early Adulthood

A Pilot Project to Inform the Development of a New Type of HIV Prevention Program for High-Risk Adolescents

Barriers to Cardiac Rehabilitation in Women

Center for Urban Families: The Impact Story Enhanced


Culturally Integrated Health Promotion in Urban Churches: Project Joy

Dating Matters Curriculum Implementation

Healthy Minds at Work (HMAW)


Monitoring Adolescents in Risky Situations Project (MARS)

NSAM (National Survey of Adolescent Males)

Neighborhood and Families: Influences on Adolescent Behaviors

A Methodological Appraisal of Photovoice as a Participatory Community Needs/Assets Assessment Tool

Multistate Lifetable Analysis: Promoting Interdisciplinary Public Health Research Using Demographic Methods with Stata Statistical Software

Overweight Status of Adolescents in the Baltimore City School Based Health Program

Understanding the Cultural Context of Family Strengths and Adolescent Childbearing

Parenting Adolescents Investing in Real Success (PAIRS)

Pathways to Romantic Unions

Physical Activity Self-Report Substudy

Project Connect

Child Maltreatment and Functioning in Adolescence and Early Adulthood

Parent and Adolescent Perceptions of Adolescent Involvement in Clinical Care and Research

Reaching Adolescents through Food Stores: An Environmental Intervention Program to Improve Diet and Nutrition in East Baltimore

Revisiting Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives (LARC) use in Baltimore

SPARQ (Study of Patient Attitudes Regarding Quality)

The Southeast Baltimore REACH Partnership - Community Resource Mapping Project

The Southeast Baltimore Reaching Every Adolescent by Collaborating for Health (REACH) Partnership PALS After-School Program

The Southeast Baltimore REACH Partnership (Reach Every Adolescent by Collaborating for Health) AmeriCorps Program

Strategies in Secondary Teen Pregnancy Prevention: A Systematic Review of Effectiveness

Trajectories for Aggressive and Violent Behavior: Predictors and Influences

The Role of Adolescent Depressive Symptomatology in Internet Experiences

Trends and Trajectories of Adolescent Depression Symptoms, and the Role of Social Support Systems

 Well-being of Adolescents in Vulnerable Environments

YO! Health Screening Tool