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Center for Adolescent Health


In addition to the members of our Advisory Boards, the Center for Adolescent Health is composed of a team of faculty, staff and affiliates dedicated to improving the health and well-being of young people in urban environments. 


Cheryl Alexander

Cheryl Alexander, RN, PhD (1945-2006)

Center Founding Director

Phillip J. Leaf, PhD

Philip J. Leaf, PhD


Freya Sonenstein

Freya Sonenstein, PhD

Emeritus Director

Beth Marshall

Beth Marshall, DrPH

Associate Director

Terri Williams Powell

Terri Williams Powell, PhD

Assistant Professor

Saifuddin Ahmed

Saifuddin Ahmed, PhD


Kristin Mmari

Kristin Mmari, PhD



Carlos Castillo-Salgado, MD

Training Core Director

Katrina L. Brook

Katrina L. Brook, MHS

Community Relations Director

Alicia Cooke, MS

Alicia Cooke, MS CHES

Communications Specialist

Julian Owens, PhD

Julian Owens, MPH, PhD

Post-doctoral Fellow

Julian Owens, PhD

Lauren Burns, BS

Research Assistant