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Korean American Breast/Cervical Cancer Project (1999-2003)

Program Overview

Funder: NCI(National Cancer Institute: 1999-2001: R03CA84818)
Komen(Susan G Komen for the Cure: 2001-2003: POP100420)
CRF(Cigarette Restitution Fund: 2001-2003)
Cancer is one of the leading causes of death among Korean-American women 24 to 64 years of age. A major national objective in Healthy People 2010 is the prevention and early detection of cancer in all racial/ethnic groups. Although many well established programs are studied and available for women in general, few programs accommodate the special needs of ethnic minorities, including recent immigrants such as Korean Americans. Particularly lacking in the literature are intervention protocols that will address cultural and social needs for these underserved populations.

The goal of this study, which is based at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, is to implement a community-based intervention program for Korean-American women to improve breast and cervical cancer screening rates through increased knowledge of screening activities, outreach, and accessibility to screening. Important and relevant cultural knowledge and creative approaches will be incorporated into this intervention program to reflect a unique understanding of the Korean community.


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