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AACP works with the community. Community-based participatory research (CBPR) is a research method that brings benefits both to the community and researchers through co-learning and active partnership. AACP members aim to improve our community health through community involvement and collaboration.



Program Director (PI)
Hee-Soon Juon, PhD
Associate Professor
Department of Health, Behavior & Society
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Site PI
Sunmin Lee, ScD
Assistant Professor
Department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics
University of Maryland School of Public Health
1242M SPH Bldg
College Park, MD 20742
Tel: 301-405-7251 Fax: 301-314-9366

Janice Bowie, PhD, MPH
Associate Professor
Dept. of Health, Behavior & Society
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Gregory D. Kirk, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Epidemiology
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Lori Erby, PhD
Assistant Scientist
Dept. of Health, Behavior & Society
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health


Carol Strong

Hien Tran

Hyeyeon Yoon "Yann"

Linda Zhuo

Lu Chen

Tonghan Chung

Lewis Bui


CAB meeting at UMD on June 2, 2009

(from left to clockwise) Ji-Young Cho, Jane Pan, MK Lee, Candice A. Abate, Alexia Christie, Anthony Tran, Nouf Bazaz, Yann(staff), Richard Liu, Linda(staff), Dr.Hee-Soon Juon, Dr.Sunmin Lee, & Seunghee Choi.

Jane Pan
Acting Executive Director
Hepatitis B Initiative - Washington, D.C.

Hoan Dang
Maryland Vietnamese Mutual Association

Meng K Lee
Director, Community Service
Chinese Culture and Community Service Center, Inc.

Thelma King Thiel
Chairman and CEO
Hepatitis Foundation International

Seunghee Choi
Clinical Supervisor
Howard County Health Department
Cancer Control Program

Anthony Tran, MPH, MT(ASCP)
Global Health Program Manager
Association of Public Health Laboratories (APHL)

Nouf Bazaz
Program Coordinator
Asian American Health Initiative

Alexia Kim-Phuong Christie
Program Coordinator
Health Awareness and Prevention Program (HAPP) Boat People SOS, Inc.

Ji-Young Cho, Ph.D.
Director of Programs
Korean Community Service Center of Greater Washington

Richard C. Liu, MPH
Hepatitis B-Physicians & Patients Advocacy Liaison
Bristol-Myers Squibb


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