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This is a two year study during which study participants will be asked to make 5 clinic visits at 6 month intervals.  When study enrollment, or your first study visit, takes place at the time of an annual gyn exam, two of four follow up visits may also be scheduled to concur with routine annual visits.  If you are accustomed to scheduling annual gyn exams, you will only need to make 2 additional clinic visits to complete the study.  At each visit, study participants will be asked to complete a survey and a plevic exam.  Cervical swabs will be collected and blood will be drawn. 

Support for Study Participants   

  • The study team will take every precaution to protect your privacy, ensure your safety and minimize discomfort.

  • A member of the study team will meet you at the clinic each time you come for a visit.
  • You will be able to reach the study nurse by telephone or e-mail whenever you have questions or concerns about participating in the study.

  • Study staff will send you reminder cards when your follow up visits are due, help you schedule your study visits, and call or e-mail you (your choice) 2 days before your follow up visits as a reminder to keep your appointment.

  • The study team will maintain this web site for the duration of the study.  Here, you will be able to access study information, contact study staff, and link to reliable resources for HPV and cervical cancer information.



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