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*As of April 1, 2011, we are no longer enrolling for the HIP study*

We plan to enroll 1500 women into the study over the next 2 years (2008 - 2010).  For study purposes, it is best to enroll at the time of your annual gynecologic exam, though it may be possible to schedule an enrollment visit at another time. 

If you are learning about this study in advance of an upcoming annual gynecology exam and are interested in participating in the HIP Study, please call the study nurse before your scheduled appointment. 

When you call, the study nurse will confirm your eligibility,  review with you the requirements of participating in the study and the consent process, and answer any questions you may have about participating in the study.   This will shorten the time that it takes to complete the enrollment visit when you come to the clinic for your scheduled appointment.  It will also ensure that the study nurse will be on site when you come for your appointment.



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