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The Enrollment Visit

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On the day of your scheduled appointment, the study nurse will meet you at the clinic and confirm that you are eligible and interested in participating the study.  You will then be asked to

  • review and sign a consent to participate in the study.  Participating in the study is strictly voluntary.  Your choice to participate in the study, or not, will not impact your care in any way.  You may withdraw from the study at any time.    If you do not sign the consent, you can not participate in the study.

  • provide contact information for yourself and an alternate contact person to ensure that we will be able to contact you throughout the study period and so that we can remind you when follow up visits are due.  We will not reveal to your alternate contact any information about your involvement in the study without your permission.

  • complete a questionnaire about your medicine use, your gynecologic, reproductive and sexual history, and smoking and alcohol history that will take 40 minutes to complete.  The questionnaire may be completed in clinic at the time of your enrollment visit or over the phone at a later time that is convenient for you.

We will ask your doctor

  • to collect 3 samples of your cervical mucous and exfoliated cells using a sponge, a swab, and a brush, along with your routine annual pap test.

Finally, the study nurse will

  • draw your blood to collect one to two small tubes of blood.



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