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Johns Hopkins Education and Research Center for Occupational Safety and Health

Jieun Lee

jieun leeResearch Program Assistant

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, UM, B
School of Pharmacy, UM, B
Medical and Research Technology, UM, B
BS, Towson University

Research interests: 
As a research program assistant of Korean American Cancer Project, my research interests include women’s health issues, cancer prevention and control, community based research, education, and practice. My current research project is an ongoing study promoting cancer prevention interventions in Korean American church denominations. I’ve learned to develop, implement, test and evaluate a range of individual and group-based interventions. I like both the volume, and diversity of data that need to be considered in assessing etiology, making hypothesis, and developing effective analytical plans concerned with changing individual attitude, beliefs, skills, and behaviors.