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Multicenter Study of TK Medium for Rapid Detection of M. Tuberculosis, Brazil and South Africa

A collaboration with the Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics (FIND), this study was a trial of a novel TB culture assay — TK medium — a simple, colorimetric, solid culture medium that is substantially faster than the standard L-J culture system. The objectives were to compare the performance of TK medium versus L-J under field conditions, assessing sensitivity, specificity, contamination rates, and inter-test agreement. 

A pilot study conducted in Cape Town in February-April 2006 showed that the mean and median times to growth in TK media were unexpectedly long, and indicative of media formulation problems. Consequently, FIND and JHU are investigating an alternative methodology to test under this study.

Principal Investigators:  Richard Chaisson and  Susan Dorman (JHSPH)