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TB Prevalence Survey and Evaluation of Access to TB Care in HIV-Infected and Uninfected TB Patients in Asembo And Gem, Western Kenya

HIV is fueling large increases in TB incidence in Africa, and a large proportion of cases are not diagnosed. The goals of this study are to determine the prevalence of active TB in the population of two districts of Western Kenya and to assess the clinical and health services factors associated with non-diagnosis. 

A better understanding of the dynamic of TB in the setting of a generalized HIV epidemic with expanding antiretroviral treatment is essential for designing effective TB/HIV control programs. 

Principal Investigator:  Richard E. Chaisson (JHSPH)


  • Kevin DeCock (World Health Organization)
  • Anja van’t Hoog (University of Amsterdam)
  • Barbara Marston (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
  • Helen Meme (Kenya Medical Research Institute)
  • Joseph Odhiambo (Kenya Medical Research Institute)
  • Daniel Rosen (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
  • Laurence Slutsker (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
  • Gerald Aketche (Kenya Medical Research Institute)
  • John Ayisi (Kenya Medical Research Insitute)
  • Martien Borgdorff (University of Amsterdam)
  • Jeremiah Chakaya (Kenya Medical Research Institute)
  • Chris Dye (World Health Organization)
  • Willie Githui (University of Amsterdam)
  • John Mansoer (University of Amsterdam)
  • Brian Williams (World Health Organization)

Implementing Institutions: