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Creating a Model MDR-TB Case Management System, Kazakhstan

Multiple Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis (MDR-TB) arises when TB is improperly managed with incorrect treatment regimens or under inappropriate program conditions, a common situation in the former Soviet Union. Primary transmission of drug-resistant strains may subsequently occur.

The pilot project sought to develop optimal protocols for diagnosing, treating, and managing MDR-TB patients in government facilities in Almaty City. An additional component evaluated patient education as an adjunct to treatment adherence.

Principal Investigator: 

Michael E. Kimerling, MD, MPH (University of Alabama at Birmingham)


  • Vytautas Jurkuvenas, PhD (Technical Advisor)
  • R. Adilbekova (Project Manager)
  • G. Rakhishev, MD, PhD (National Center for TB Problems, NCTP)
  • S. Ismailov, MD, PhD (MDR-TB Department, NCTP)
  • N. Mukushev, MD, PhD (Almaty TB Dispensary, ATBD)
  • R. Duisenova, MD (ATBD) 
  • G. Bulanbajeva, MD (ATBD Laboratory)
  • K. Moldakhmetova, MD (Department of Organization and Planning, ATBD)

Final Report (PDF Format)


Jurkuvenas V, Balandin A, Rakishev G, Mukushev N, Duisenova R, Ismailov S, Berikova E, Usembayeva S, Moldakhmetova K, Kimerling M.  The multi-drug resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) problem in Almaty city and Kazakhstan. Inter J Tuberc Lung Dis. 2004;8(11):S85.