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Active TB Case-Finding within a Continuum of Care Package, Cambodia

This operations research project seeks to establish a model TB-HIV linkage program under the Ministry of Health's continuum of care strategy. It uses Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT) services as an entry point to TB screening, thereby reducing TB morbidity and HIV-associated mortality, and increasing use of VCT services by TB patients. The project is implemented in two health districts of Cambodia: Battambang and Moung Russey.

Project goals include:

  • increasing active TB case-finding and TB treatment access through VCT centers
  • assessing and defining an optimal approach to TB screening for persons attending VCT centers
  • evaluating both HIV positive and negative clients
  • assessing the feasibility and benefit of Isoniazid Preventive Therapy for HIV positive clients
  • increasing access to and use of VCT services by the general TB patient population

Linking TB with HIV services should increase TB case-finding, reduce treatment delay, and increase early access to isoniazid preventive therapy as part of the general continuum of care package. These efforts, in turn, should improve treatment outcomes and reduce mortality among TB-HIV co-infected clients.

Principal Investigator:  

Michael E. Kimerling, MD, MPH (University of Alabama, Birmingham)


  • AE Khan, MD (UAB)
  • P. Chheng, MD, MPH (Project Coordinator)
  • C. Natpratan, MD, MPH (Family Health International, FHI, Cambodia)
  • C Eang, TB Officer (FHI/Cambodia)
  • C. V. Mean, MD, MPH (National AIDS Program, NCHADS)
  • W. S. Seng, MD, MPH (National AIDS Program, NCHADS)
  • T. E. Mao, MD, MPH (National TB Program, NTP)
  • S. Kuy, MD (Provincial Health Department, Battambang)
  • V. Tann, MD (Provincial TB Control Program, Battambang)
  • V. Lay, MD (Provincial HIV/AIDS/STI Program, Battambang)

Final Report (PDF Format)


Kimerling ME, Schuchter JW, Eang C, Kunthy T, Stuer F, Glaziou P, Ee O. Prevalence of pulmonary tuberculosis among HIV-infected persons in a home care program in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Int J Tuberc Lung Dis. 2002 Nov; 6(11):988-94.

Chheng P. TB-HIV program linkage in northwest Cambodia and an approach to TB screening. Int J Tuberc Lung Dis. 9(11): S39-S40.

Chheng P, Eang C, Kem A, Mak S, Kuy S, Natpratan C, Kimerling ME. Results of tuberculosis screening among HIV-infected individuals in Battambang Province, Cambodia. Int J Tuberc Lung Dis. 9(11): S302.