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Micronutrient and
Dietary Interventions

Child Health

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Micronutrient and Dietary Interventions

Insuring adequate nutrition is seminal to preserving health and saving lives of children and mothers in the developing world.  Population deficiencies of essential micronutrients can impair growth, resistance to infection, development, and survival of infants and young children as well as the health and survival of women during pregnancy and lactation. 

The GRA partnership seeks to advance knowledge toward establishing credible benefit, risk, and cost aspects of micronutrient interventions in infants, young children, and women of reproductive age, and in doing so, inform nutritional approaches to achieving results. 

Research activities relate to the goals of: 

  • Establishing the efficacy, effectiveness, safety, and cost components of zinc supplementation in treating diarrhea and reducing mortality in early childhood
  • Confirming the efficacy and safety of supplementing infants with vitamin A shortly after birth as a means to reduce infant mortality in the presence and absence of HIV
  • Establishing the impact of maternal vitamin A or beta-carotene supplementation in reducing mortality and morbidity related to pregnancy
  • Assessing effects of antenatal micronutrient supplement combinations on maternal, fetal and infant health, anemia and survival, with the aim of guiding development of an optimal antenatal micronutrient supplement

Zinc Supplementation

Effectiveness of Zinc in the Treatment of Diarrhea in India, Mali and Pakistan

Economic Evaluation of Community Distribution of Zinc for the Treatment of Diarrhea in India, Mali, and Pakistan

Introduction of Zinc Treatment for Childhood Diarrhea in Tanzania

Efficacy of Zinc in Treating Early Infant Diarrhea

NNIPS-4: Impact of Zinc Supplementation on Child Mortality, Southern Nepal

Impact of Zinc Supplementation on Child Mortality, Zanzibar

Zinc for the Treatment of Severe Pnuemonia

Vitamin A Supplementation

JiVitA-1: Maternal Vitamin A or Beta-Carotene Supplementation Trial to Reduce Pregnancy-related Mortality in Bangladesh

JiVitA-2: Newborn Vitamin A Supplementation Trial to Reduce Infant Mortality in Bangladesh

JiVitA-3: Antenatal Multiple Micronutrient Supplementation to Improve Maternal and Infant Health and Survival in Bangladesh

ZVITAMBO: Vitamin A Supplementation of Mothers and Newborns to Reduce Risk of HIV Transmission and Mortality in Zimbabwe

Other Nutritional Interventions

NNIPS-3: Antenatal Micronutrient Supplement Combinations to Reduce Fetal and Infant Mortality in Nepal

MINIMAT: Combined Nutritional Interventions to Promote Maternal and Infant Health: Effects Over a Pregnancy Cycle and on Children 0-24 Months

Evaluation Research of the Nutrition Interventions in the INHP II Areas of CARE India