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Child Health Research

Deaths in children under the age of five years have declined substantially in recent decades, yet nearly 11 million children continue to die annually around the world, most from preventable causes.

In the United Nations Millennium Summit in September 2000, world leaders agreed to work together to reduce the deaths of children under five by two-thirds by the year 2015. This goal is unattainable, however, without focusing efforts on the regions where most deaths occur—South Asia and Africa—and on the major causes of mortality, principally infectious diseases and malnutrition. 

The GRA Partnership identifies new technologies and methods for improving child survival and family health, with a particular emphasis on the effective integrated implementation of services that have the greatest impact in developing countries. 

Community-based Interventions

Community-based Intervention to Reduce Childhood Drowning in Bangladesh

Effectiveness of the Community-IMCI and the Community-IMCI with ARI Emphasis Intervention Models in Increasing Rates of Correct ARI Treatment and Appropriate Referral in NSDP Program Areas in Rural Bangladesh

Multicentre Operational Study of Home-based Management of Severe Pneumonia in Children with Oral Amoxicillin

Community Case Management of the Severe Pneumonia with Oral Amoxicillin in Children 2-59 Months of Age in Haripur District, Pakistan

Maximizing the Effective Use of Artemisinin Combination Therapy in Sikasso Region, Mali

Vaccine Development

Defining Incidence of Intussusception in Bangladesh in Preparation for a Phase III Trial of a New Rotavirus Vaccine

Association of Intestinal Intussusception and Diarrhea: Four–Country Surveillance

Surveillance for Hospitalization and Death Due to Pneumonia in Two Districts in Bangladesh

A Community-Based Surveillance to Estimate the Burden of Typhoid Fever in Bangladeshi Children as a Prelude to a Typhoid Vaccine Trial

Prevention of Haemophilus Influenzae, type b in India – A Probe Study to Evaluate the Burden of Disease

Hib Sentinel Surveillance, Rae Bareli Area